Prime Rival Rh 27.5 65# Target Blue


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Other cams in stock to change draw length
When that elusive animal will not come in for a closer opportunity or when the finals for a national competition are on the line, the new Prime Rival is the one you can count on to hold the edge over all other bows. A bow perfectly designed to walk above the accuracy line for a hardcore hunter and a demanding competitive archer, the Rival will be the one your competition will be concerned about. Every aspect of this bow, from its highly customizable PCXL cam system, to its comfortable and newly designed ghost grip, and perfectly tunable Flexis-AR cable system will not only help you Rival every other bow out there, they will help you stand above them.
IBO: 340 fps
Axle to Axle: 35''
Brace height: 6.25;''
Mass weight: 4.3 lbs
Draw length: 26 to 30''
Draw weight :55 TO 65 lbs.

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