Parker Ambusher Crossbow Mr X310MR


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The Parker Challenger Crossbow system is ideal for youth and small frame shooters. It's designed for superior hunting, better archery precision, and top performance. Take the crossbow out of the box and to the archery range in less than 15 minutes. Simply install the cable guide, attach the prod to the stock, and attach the optional quiver. Add your scope or other accessories to your crossbow and, before you know it, your arrow will fly.Parker Challenger crossbows feature an adjustable draw weight of between 125 and 150 lbs. Parker crossbows are designed for quick adjustments at home. You do not need to take the bow to be professionally adjusted, as instructions on how to remove or add the shims are included with the crossbow. This will change the weight as required by the needs of the shooter.Cocking the crossbow is a smooth and easy process, even at the highest draw weights. A rope-cocking device can be used to assist smaller hunters with pulling back the string. The draw length is adjustable from 23 to 27 inches. You can get accessories and replacement parts to improve your experience.A 10.625 power stroke gives these bows their small size. However, the Parker Challenger Crossbow design gives these crossbows velocity. The cam and limb design combined with draw length ensure power in all Parker bows. The compound bow's 31.75-inch stock length releases arrows at speeds of between 275 fps and 300 fps. Despite its small size, the Parker consistently performs well for most hunting or archery target needs.The G2 bull-pup trigger pulls smoothly to eliminate jerk and to ensure you hit your targets every time. The automatic safety and anti-fire mechanism provide a level of safety while in the field or at the archery range. By engaging automatically, these crossbow features are key for young shooters. An ambidextrous safety allows for both left-handed and right-handed shooting. If you're left-handed, consider other accessories to make hunting or archery more comfortable.The vented forearm gives the Challenger Crossbows an aesthetic appeal and handling advantage. A machined aluminum riser and ballistic polymer barrel make this a durable addition to any archery or hunting collection. A total weight of just over 6 pounds means that this crossbow travels well. You don't have to worry when the territory gets rough because an optimized balance point increases accuracy and helps prevent shooter fatigue while hunting. You can add accessories without making the bow too heavy to use.The Parker overall bow length of 31.75 inches and width of only 21.87 inches results in easy crossbow manipulation. The Parker Challenger Crossbow fits easily in most crossbow cases. You can even use an attached scope. The crossbow may be outfitted with several different types of multi-reticle scope options and accessories. Red Hot or Parker arrows with your choice of broadheads are recommended by Parker. A Red Hot arrow will add ease of use and dependability, but a variety of arrows may be used as long as they feature the capture nocks for crossbows. It is recommended to use a bolt arrow of at least 400-grain weight for Parker bows.Parker crossbows are made in the USA.

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