Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter 350 Carbon Shaft Black/Green 6 Pack 50759

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The PileDriver by Carbon Express is designed to hit just like the name implies. It is a hard driving and deep penetrating arrow to bring down game. But the PileDriver is not just a random chunk of carbon; it is designed with Built-in Weight Forward technology putting more weight in the front two thirds of the shaft for better performance with broadheads. Weight forward technology increases velocity for greater penetration and down range accuracy.

Specifications and Features:
Innovative built in Weight Forward technology 
BuffTuff world's toughest carbon arrow finish
BullDog nock collar unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts
Straightness: 0.005"
Weight tolerance: 1.0 grains
11.3 grains per inch
0.345" spine
0.308" diameter 

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