Tru-Fire Chicken Wing Max Release


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Tru-Fire Chicken Wing Release with Max Strap
        Interchangeable trigger allows for single- or dual-finger trigger use
        Tru-Centering self-centering technology
        Sound-dampening coating
        Cushioned Max strap
Complete with a new interchangeable trigger, Tru-Fire's Chicken Wing Release with Max Strap boasts a traditional design with improved features. Interchangeable trigger allows either a standard single-finger trigger or a dual-finger trigger to ensure confident, consistent shooting. Innovative dual-finger trigger enhances control and reduces the tendency to punch, rather than squeeze, the trigger. Ultrasmall hood head design features Tru-Centering self-centering technology for enhanced ease of use. Sound-dampening coating reduces noises. Max strap provides ample padding with Fold Back Technology. Made in USA

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