Greatree Gt Hawk Bow Rh 58/45

Greatree Archery

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The GT Hawk is our top of the line in take-downs. 

58" long the GT Hawk features a specially designed handle riser made from block cut Zebra wood and laminated to enhance the strength and beauty of the wood. 

Radiused shelf and short sight window makes this an instinctive archers dream bow. 

The limbs feature a special fiberglass core to help resist twisting and enhance the shooting feel of the bow. 

The core is sandwiched by two a layer of maple and then clear fiberglass is used for the back and face. 

The beauty of the wood core shows through the clear glass limbs. Finished with Mycarta limb tips capable of holding up to all types of synthetic strings.

"Ready to hunt" satin finish. Backed by a full one year warranty. 

Recommended brace height 7" plus or 
minus 3/8" 

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