PSE Black Phenom Bow RH 50 # FACTORY DEMO

Pse Archery

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PSE Black Phenom Bow

Fires arrows up to 328 fps
75% let-off allows you to hold on target
36" axle-to-axle length
27.5" to 33" adjustable draw length
Draw weight adjusts from 43 to 60 lbs.
PSE's Black Phenom Bow is perfect for target shooters on a budget. Boasting X-Technology, pivoting limb pockets, a premium riser and a Raptor™ grip, this bow proves to be exceptionally forgiving and accurate. It fires arrows up to 328 fps, and 75% let-off allows you to easily line up every shot. 7.25" brace height and 36" axle-to-axle length make it extremely stable and versatile. Its draw length is adjustable from 27.5" to 33", while the draw weight adjusts between 43 and 60 lbs. Bow Only. Made in USA.

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