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Product Description
• Tempo enhances the technology that started it all
• Incredibly stable geometry that pushes a hunting bow farther than ever
• Delivers balanced energy distribution to the bows beyond parallel limbs, this extends the shootability experience to everyone
• Riser Cage adds rigidity to this stable shooting platform
• The 7-1/4" brace height results in a smooth and forgiving shooting experience
• Winner's Choice custom bowstrings using BCY-X string material
• Rhinodize is a super long-lasting performance coating
• LimbSaver anti-vibration technology

• Draw Length: 28-32" (in 1/2" increments)
• Peak Draw Weight: 60 lbs.
• Finishes: Kuiu Verde

Axle to Axle 34"
Brace Height 7-1/4"
Speed 305-345 fps
Physical Weight 4.4 lbs.

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