2021 ATHENS PEAK 38 RH 28' 60#


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Designed from the ground up for target archers, by target archers and meant to be the universal bow for any target archery format, the 2021 Peak 38 embodies top performance and accuracy.  The new patent pending Limb-Lok™ limb pocket design balances limb loads and securely locks the limbs in place preventing any lateral movement while locking the pocket to the riser.  This pocket system provides unequalled consistency and repeatability in a transition area that is critical to bow performance.  New 1” wide limbs provide additional stability and balance by spreading forces over a larger surface areas.  The Peak 38 features a 38” axle to axle and 7” brace height offering unparalleled forgiveness while still pushing arrows at 335fps with Athens’s popular MT modular cam system.  A wide variety of draw lengths, from 27” to 32.5” accommodates any archer.


PEAK 38 Specs:

  • ATA:  38”
  • Brace Height: 7”
  • IBO:  335fps
  • Draw lengths from 27-32.5” in half-inch increments
  • Draw weights from 40-70lbs (Including 55lb and 65 lb peak weight options)
  • 80%-90% let off

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