2021 Bear Legit RTH LEFT HAND 10-70# Fred Bear

Bear Archery

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Meet the Bear Archery Legit - this compound bow is made to legitimately fit all ages and skill levels.

Bear has engineered this bow to be adjustable from a 14" to 30" draw length range and from 10 to 70 lbs peak draw weight.

All adjustments are made using an Allen wrench with no need for a bow press.

Ready to Hunt bow comes equipped with Trophy Ridge accessories, a Joker 4 pin sight, 5 Spot bow quiver, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, No tie peep sight & a D loop and Rocket Broadheads. The Legit weighs only 3.6 lbs. and fires arrows at 315 feet per second. The new and improved dual cam system provides a smooth draw cycle. This bow is legit.

Specs at a glance

  • IBO Speed 315fps
  • Weight range 10-70lbs. All bows are adjustable from a minimum 10lbs up to a peak draw weight of 70lbs
  • Draw length range 14"-30". Please specify draw length
  • Brace height 6"
  • Axle to Axle 29.125"
  • Mass weight 3.6lbs
  • Let-Off 75%
  • H15-6 Hybrid Cam system with Draw Dial modules - incredibly smooth, zero nock travel and adjustable draw length
  • Endura Fibre Limbs for lethal, controlled power, provide unmatched flexibility and rigidity and allow for maximum weight adjustability for a customized fit for any shooter. The unique shape of the limb creates a reliable load distribution
  • Strings and cables - Bear Pre-Stretched Contra-Band HP BCY X99 strings and cables - eliminates string stretch and peep rotation
  • Rock Stops string recoil suppressors to eliminate string vibration and noise
  • Stainless Steel Stabilizer Bushing

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