2023 BEAR EXECUTE 32 55-70 26.5" - 30.5" RH BREAK UP COUNTRY

Bear Archery

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DRAW LENGTH 26.5" - 30.5"
LET OFF 75%, 80%, 85%, or 90%
Ninety years of excellence packed into one legendary bow. Introducing the 2023 Bear Archery Execute 32. The Execute 32 encompasses everything the industry has come to expect in a flagship hunting bow. The compact 32" ATA and 6 3/8" brace height make this bow maneuverable, comfortable and most importantly - lethal in the field. The Execute offers speeds up to 340 FPS with our most capable and highly adjustable EKO cam system. To enhance the performance of the Execute even more, every Execute ships with a limb stop for a rock solid back wall. The bow fits draw lengths from 26.5-30.5" and features a new parallel limb design with wider Gordon limbs and more efficient machined limb pockets. The Execute 32's revolutionary riser design features a new swing arm cable guard and Shock Management System (SMS) resulting in the most dead-in-hand and quiet shot experience on the market. In addition to the new SMS, the Execute comes with two grips; the popular slim grip so many know and have come to love and an all-new soft touch grip with a thicker palm-swell for added comfort.
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