2D Target Oncore Woodchuck


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Established in 1989, SADLAK Manufacturing LLC began primarily as a machine design and engineering company serving multiple industries including, but not limited to, automotive, consumer products, health products, garment and military. For the last eight years SADLAK has been increasing machining capabilities to increase our ability to service our various product lines.


SADLAK's most robust product lines are M1A/ M14 Scope Mounts and accessories, AR15 Gas Blocks and accessories, and fixture Clamp Straps.


Sadlak's newest venture through a collabrative effort with OnCore Targets, is now offering 2D Self Healing Targets in over 50 various designs.  These targets can handle hundreds of shots in the kill zone and thousand of shots over-all (depending on the target size) before you need to change the target. To take a safari ride through the wilds of OnCore Targets

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