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Bring down that next hunting trophy with a Bear. The combination of the hunters’ expertise and the Bear Legion Compound Bow can send the arrow true to its target. The Bear Legion Compound Bow is manufactured by the Bear Archery Company in the USA. \ Long known for its commitment to excellence in the manufacture of archery equipment, Bear Archery produces all of its bows to meet exacting specifications. Bear Archery produces traditional bows, crossbows, compound bows, and youth bows and carefully considers each aspect of the production process of its compound bows. The Bear Legion is no exception. From weight, length, draw, riser, limbs, and beyond, each component is given special attention. The non-glare finish of the Bear Legion is a camo-looking Realtree APG. The riser on the Legion is 30.5 inches, making it short and compact; the bow weighs in at only 4 pounds. Two offset string suppressors are built into the riser as an upgrade from previous years. The Legion also features a stainless steel stabilizer bushing. Zero tolerance limb pockets assist in the reduction of vibration yet are able to pivot independently. The Legion is able to create a good shot with its 7-inch brace height. The bow is built for ambidextrous use, making it a versatile hunting weapon that you can use in either hand. The thin neck grip on the Legion bow,

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