Wildgame Innovations 360 Degree IR Digital Trail Cam 12 MP 54 High IR LED 8-AA Bark


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The leader in trail camera innovation, Wildgame Innovations brings you the revolutionary 360 lights out crush Cam. The super quiet Infrared system offers 65 ft. Illumination range. The camera is equipped to take high quality 12 Mega Pixel Images with rapid trigger speed and high quality 720 video. The TRUbark textured 360 Cam comes with an easy to use t-post mounting bracket and is powered by 8 AA batteries (not included). if a t-post is not an option, strap it to a Tree or fence post with the included easy to use adjustable strap. Survey a large food plot or an area where multiple trails come together with the 360 technology. Catch every angle and capture that big Buck that eludes regular trail cameras. The R12i20-7 is the same unit as the R12i20, however the packaging has been updated to frustration free packaging.

Specifications and Features:
70' Flash Range
Less Than 1 Sec. Trigger Speed
360 Image Capturing Capable
42 Infrared LEDS
HD 720P, Reg 480p Videos
Up To 1 Year Battery Life
Resolution: Images Hi: 12MP, Med: 8MP, Lo: 5MP
Sensor: Up To 60' (PIR)Passive Infrared Sensor
Image Format: JPEG-Digital Stills/AUI-Digital Video
Memory: Up To 32GB SD Card (Not Included)
8 AA-Cell Batteries Required(Not Included)
Built in capacitor to retain date and time
Mounting: Adjustable Strap and Custom T-post Mounting Bracket System(Included)
1 Adjustable strap
T-post bracket
Flextime Software
Color: Bark

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