Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 10 Lightsout Game Camera 540p Video 10MP 8 AA Batteries Bark


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The Cloak Pro 10 Lightsout comes masked with multiple levels of concealment. Decked out in TruBark, the camera practically disappears when wrapped around a tree (which is easily done with the two provided bungee cords). Even when it's in use, the camera remains secretive; Silent Shield technology makes sure of that. Nighttime operation won't give away your spot either, thanks to Lightsout technology that illuminates game movement with a 36-piece invisible LED flash. Cloaked from game's eyes and ears, the Cloak Pro 10 Lightsout promises to deliver impressive 10MP images and 540p videos.

Hunters love the Cloak series because these cameras meet the mark both in quality and affordability. Cover more area and get more results with the Cloak Pro 10 Lightsout.

Specifications and Features:
65' Flash Range
Less Than 1 Sec. Trigger Speed
36 Invisible LEDS
SD 540p Videos
Up To 1 Year Battery Life or 30,000 photos
Resolution: Images 10MP
Sensor: Up To 60' (PIR)Passive Infrared Sensor
Image Format: JPEG-Digital Stills/AUI-Digital Video
Memory: Up To 32GB SD Card (Not Included)
8 AA-Cell Batteries Required(Not Included)
Mounting: 2 Bungee Cords(Included)
Lights Out: Invisible IR LED's have an extended flash range while maintaining zero detection
2 Bungee Cords
Color: Bark

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