BOLT Crossbows 80 lb. Jolt Pistol Crossbow with 3 Bolts

Tactical Crusader

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This Jolt Pistol Crossbow from BOLT Crossbows® is just the ticket for taking small game! Great for target-shooting fun, and useful in your survival kit.

  • 80-lb. draw weight
  • 160 F.P.S. with 6.5" aluminum bolts
  • Pistol grip
  • Plastic body with fiberglass bow
  • Adjustable sights help you get on target fast
  • Foot holster for increased cocking leverage
  • Includes three 6.5" aluminum bolts
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Key Specifications
    • Item Number: 658574
    • Draw weight: 80 lbs.
    • Arrow speed: 160 F.P.S.

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