Limited Edition Bear Recurve Rh 50# #39 Of 250

Bear Archery


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It's not often a treasure like this comes along! For a limited time Bear Archery is offering a limited edition Takedown Recurve bow with B riser and #1 limbs, making it a 60" AMO. Each bow is numbered to reflect its uniqueness and collectibility. Only 250 being made. This is the first of four limited edition bows being made. Purchasing this model gives you first right at future limited edition bows of the same serial number. NOTE: You are not required to buy them.

Bear Archery has selected some rare and beautiful woods to craft this one-of-a-kind bow.

Riser: The Riser is constructed of 3 piece Macassar Ebony with 2 thin strips of Maple on either side of the Bubinga stripe. Radiused, cut-on center shelf for instinctive shooting and easier arrow tuning. The classic Bear medallion is inlaid on one side of the riser, with a compass inlaid on the other. Tapped with Bear 1/4" x 20 quiver inserts. 

Limbs: The limbs are equally as elegant, with Macassar Ebony, a Maple core, Bubinga veneers, and clear glass. Reinforced bow tips allow the use of today's modern bow strings. No-tools takedown latch limb system.

String: Fast Flight® Flemish twist bow string. Manufacturer recommended brace height: 7" - 8". Replacement string length is 57".

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