Apex Accu-Strike Pro Select Sight Black 5 Pin .019 Rh/Lh


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Building upon the success of the Accu-Strike series, Apex has taken archery sight performance to the next level. Featuring the TRU-ZERO pin design which minimizes pin gaps and an extended mounting bracket for more precise aiming. The TRU-FLO fiber design utilizes extra-long fibers routed through a bracket for superior brightness without sacrificing durability. Tool-less design allows for easy adjustments in the field or at the range without the need for hex wrenches. The Select has a revolutionary new feature that allows you to illuminate a single pin out of the set. Range your target, light up the appropriate pin, and execute the shot. This gives you the aiming benefits of a single pin with the reliability and versatility of a multiple pin sight. 


  • OPTI-CHOICE Pin Selector illuminates individual pins
  • Shooter may select from 3 light intensities
  • TRU-ZERO pin design minimizes pin gaps
  • Extended mounting bracket
  • Lightweight/compact design
  • TRU-FLO fiber optics
  • TRU-TOUCH soft feel technical coating
  • Innovative pin design allows for quick and easy fiber replacement
  • Special light location allows for more effective light distribution on fibers
  • Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability
  • Glow-in-the-dark shooters ring

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