Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Crested Arrows 22 In

Black Eagle

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energy, accuracy and most importantly looks. The overall weight of the arrow including a brass insert was built for optimal F.O.C. maximizing accuracy and at no loss of speed or kinetic energy thus making this bolt a deadly combination in any crossbow. And if you don't believe us look around at all the Executioners crossbow arrows that are being used today and not buy just by hunters and target shooters but by Crossbow Manufacturers. If you shoot a crossbow and you don't shoot the Executioner crossbow arrows you are missing out. Guaranteed!
Precision Tolerances
The most important consideration for making deadly accurate shots is arrow consistency. Our customers frequently report tolerances tighter than we specify across the whole dozen. You will notice the difference.
Spine Matched Grouped Together Technology
We employ Grouped Together Technology to spine match each dozen arrows. This ensures precise consistency.
• Spine Deviation ±.010 Across Dozen
Shaft Straightness
We guarantee at the specified straightness or straighter. Unlike other companies in the industry, who measure a 28” section, we measure the full length of the shaft
• .001" or .003" or Better Straightness Tolerances
Weight Sorted
We weigh and group all our shafts to ensure the perfect match. On our premium shafts we only allow for weight tolerances +/- 1 grain across the dozen, neither should you.
• ± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance

***ALL 20" and 22" Fletched Arrows will come with 3" Bohning X Vanes or 2" Bohning Blazer Vanes, Brass Inserts Installed and
Poly-carbonate Nocks*** ***ALL 18" Fletched Arrows will come with 2" Blazer Vanes*** *** ALL Crossbow Arrow Nocks are Pressed fit and are NOT glued***
Executioner fletched crossbow arrow come with:
• 18" comes with Half Moon Nocks **Installed but Removable and Flat Nocks Included**(Black) 20" comes with Half Moon Nocks **Installed but Removable and Flat Nocks Included**(Black) **22" Comes with Half Moon Nocks **Installed but Removable**
• Executioner Brass Inserts **Installed**- (18" Arrow - 92 Grain)(20" Arrow -110 Grain) (22" Arrow - 92 Grain)
• 3" Bohning X Vanes or 2" Bohning Blazer Vanes on 20" and 22" Bohning Blazer Vanes on 18"
Required - Points
Don't forget extra components.
These bolts work with MOST ALL major manufacturer crossbows!! Check your crossbow manual for arrow weight minimums to make sure you do not void your warranty.
Length Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
20" .300" .346" 9.0

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