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Xtreme Sl Rest Black Left Hand

$49.99 $69.99
SKU: 4520049
X-Treme SL Economy Fall Away Arrow Rest Black
The X-Treme SL was designed to offer Trophy Taker peace of mind to the budget minded hunter. This rest utilizes a fiberglass reinforced nylon containment ring and launcher to cut cost but not strength. The remaining components are 100% metal and utilize Trophy Taker's proven spring and launcher design. 

The X-Treme SL is a great choice if you are looking for a great bargain on an arrow rest but don't want to sacrifice full capture security and dependability. Plus, like all of our products, Trophy Taker believes that if we sell it, we will stand behind it for life.

Product Features:
Full capture containment ring.
Ring comes pre-wrapped with silencing material.
Drop Stop launcher silencer for ultra quiet launcher operation.
X-Treme Launcher design for full capture peace of mind.
Trophy Taker's unconditional lifetime warranty.