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Alpen LED Rechargeable Headlamp/Flashlight

SKU: 800
  • Flashlight mode has a low beam option that illuminates up to 40 meters and a high beam option that reaches up to 100 meters
  • Floodlight mode is perfect for illuminating a campsite and has high beam, low beam and red mode settings
  • Red beam mode allows user to see without disturbing crucial adjustments their eyes have made to dark sky conditions
  • Both flashlight and floodlight modes have flashing SOS function for emergency signaling
  • Comes with pocket clip and adjustable head mount that leaves hands free for other activities
  • Device’s aluminum body is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand minor drops and bumps
  • Splash resistant for all-weather performance
  • Magnetic base allows users to attach flashlight to metal surfaces for more illumination options
  • USB charging base has light-up indicators for monitoring charging status