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SKU: Joshua Johnston BROKERAGE


Giving bowhunters great Bear® Archery performance at an incredible price, the Approach RTH Compound Bow Package offers top notch speed and accuracy. Powered by an easy tuning single cam system, this hunting machine takes archers through a super smooth draw cycle before firing arrows at blistering speeds up to 330 fps. The bow's Lock Down pocket system combines 4 separate elements to offer the most accurate riser-to-pocket-to-limb alignment you can get on a bow. Dual string suppressors work with Shockwaves limb dampeners and SonicKnots™ string dampeners to reduce and absorb vibration and sound. A deadly tool for the stand or blind, this 32" axle-to-axle bow weighs just 4 lbs. for easy handling. Its 75% letoff makes it easier to hold at full draw when you need just a few more precious seconds for the shot. Brace height: 6.25". Draw length: 23.5"-30.5". Ready to Hunt Package includes: Trophy Ridge® 4-pin sight, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit® rest, Trophy Ridge 5-arrow quiver, stabilizer, peep, nock loop, and wrist sling.

  • Incredible bow performance at a great price
  • Easy tuning single cam system - smooth draw
  • Powerful - 330 fps
  • 32" axle-to-axle - great for the stand or ground blind
  • Lock Down pocket system - Bear's most accurate riser-to-pocket-to-limb alignment
  • Dual string suppressors
  • Shockwaves limb dampeners