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Bear Take Down A riser LH Black Maple Black Stripe


First introduced by Fred Bear more than 50 years ago, the Bear Take Down was a modern and innovative design that revolutionized the archery industry. Available in both an A and B length riser, this iconic bow features the signature 1969 heal horn style grip to allow for a deep feel and consistent grip. The 2022 Take Down is available in two timeless wood finishes: Black Maple with a phenolic black stripe or Bubinga and phenolic with an inlaid phenolic black stripe. An A-Riser with #1 limbs = 56” AMO // A-Riser with #2 limbs = 58” AMO // A-Riser with #3 limbs = 60” AMO. The B-Riser with #1 limbs = 60” AMO // B-Riser with #2 limbs = 62” AMO // B-Riser with #3 limbs = 64” AMO


    The A riser can be paired with #1, #2, or #3 Bear limbs to make a 56", 58” or 60" bow

    The B riser can be paired with #1, #2, or #3 Bear limbs to make a 60", 62” or 64" bow

    Heal horn style grip allows for a deep feel and consistent grip

    Arrow shelf is 1/8" above the grip for a closer arrow to hand trajectory and consistent arrow flight