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Bear Take Down Longbow Limb 50 lbs Black


Introducing our Longbow takedown limbs, uniquely designed to perfectly complement the Fred Bear Takedown latch system. These meticulously crafted limbs feature phenolic limb butts, a durable maple core, and capped with a sleek layer of black glass. With a seamless fit into the Fred Bear Takedown latch system, these limbs offer an exceptionally smooth draw and longbow performance, while maintaining and ensuring the same ability for a tool-less takedown. A-Riser LB limbs= 58"AMO B-Riser LB limbs= 62" AMO Fred Eichler Riser= 60" AMO


    Phenolic limb butts, a resilient maple core, and black glass hand laid construction

    Compatible with any Bear Takedown 
  • AMO Length:  A-Riser-58" AMO, B-Riser_62" AMO and Fred Eichler riser 60" AMO
  • Weights: 30 lbs to 70 lbs in 5 lb increments