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Stan OnneX Clicker Thumb Sage -Small

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The OnneX Thumb is built off the culmination of all the thumb releases that STAN has ever made to give the best and fastest firing mechanism we have ever engineered.

The new OnneX Clicker is a completely new evolution of using a thumb button. Working with Joel Turner of Shot IQ, we were able to create the best combination of a thumb button with the huge benefits of a click. The proven Shot IQ techniques to calm the aiming and shooting process work perfectly with the OnneX Clicker!

Our new OnneX platform is a culmination of over 50 years of growth and experience. The platform consists of Thumb, Hinge, and Resistance releases. Each release shares the same handle, hook placement, and point of impact. This platform allows for you to have the same consistent, comfortable feel through every release type.


  • The OnneX Clicker Thumb is built off the culmination of all the thumb releases that STAN has ever made to give the best and fastest firing mechanism they have ever engineered.
  • Designed in conjunction with the proven ShotIQ system of shooting the STAN release, hardware is optimized for precision, control, and the archer’s shot execution experience.
  • With the Onnex Clicker Thumb Button archers will be able to load the button to the edge of the sear where you can hear and feel the click, activation is then executed with minimal additional force
  • Trigger travel may be adjusted to past the click, the Onnex Clicker will then function without a click like a traditional thumb button release
  • Each Onnex handle will allow for the shooter to change between one of the multiple handle types thumb button, back tension, resistance, and the all-new Clicker seamlessly while maintaining anchor point & peep height
  • Open hook design for consistent and accurate lateral nock travel 
  • Crisp breaking mechanism with both independent trigger travel and trigger tension adjustments
  • Loop retainer allows connection to your bow with the single open hook, while keeping your release connected 
  • Available in small, medium, large, and x-large
  • Available color: Sage
  • Built on a modular body the release may be shot as a two-finger, three-finger, or four finger all with one button head screw adjustment with a 5/64" Allen key
  • 3rd and 4th articulating fingers have 30° of motion
  • STAN Trainer Lock feature allows for the practice of trigger activation without actually firing


  • Three Finger attachment
  • Four Finger attachment
  • Two length barrel posts one long and one short
  • Two-barrel sizes: small and large for perfect hand fit
  • One 5/64” allen key