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DD Archery Magnum Grip Arrow Puller

$52.00 $57.99
  • PULLS ARROWS WITH EASE – The Magnum Grip Arrow Puller by Double D’s Archery will remove ALL arrow sizes from ANY manufactured target shot from ANY compound or crossbow. Utilizes an ergonomic grip that comfortably fits any hand – male, female, young or old.
  • OUTPERFORMS ANY MOLDED RUBBER ARROW PULLER – Manufactured in the USA using aircraft aluminum and stainless-steel hardware. Compact and effective design, small enough to fit in an arrow quiver or pocket.
  • IMPROVES SHOOTING SKILLS – Allows you to practice more by reducing shoulder fatigue caused by retrieving those hard-to-pull arrows.
  • FITS ALL ARROW SIZES – The Magnum Grip’s grip tubes will hold any arrow shafts – it will not crush arrows and it fits all arrow sizes. Even close groupings can be accessed to easily remove your arrows.
  • TESTED IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS – Works on all arrows shot from any compound bow or crossbow into any arrow target and is proven to withstand multiple seasons of use. Made in the USA.