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Elite Archery Standard Versa Mod Set Black

Sorry, this item is out of stock

 This mod set fits only the following models:

  • 2020 KURE

  • 2020 REZULT

  • 2021 ENKORE

  • 2021 REMEDY

  • 2021 REZULT 36

Available only as an add-on to your Elite bow with ASYM Tri-Track Cams. The 75% Versa Mod was designed with competitive shooters in mind. This mod is specifically designed to deliver more holding weight for archers that want to be able to customize their shot process and draw cycle. Elite Shootability is baked into this mod as well but keeps a bit more weight at the end of the draw cycle.

Please note - this item includes the mods only. Parts do NOT come with the cams.