Elite Kure 60# REALTREE ESCAPE Rh 23 To 30 Inch

Elite Archery

$825.00 $1,099.99

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Brand new technology makes the Kure one of the most easy-to-adjust compound hunting bows on the market, while maintaining Elite's trademark shootability.            

  • Features all-new Asym Tri-Track cam system that gives shooters stability, speed, and accuracy all in one package
  • For the first time on an Elite Versa Mod system offers a rotating mod with seven inches of draw length adjustment in 1/4" increments (no bow press required) 
  • Completely customize bow feel with adjustable let-off from 70% all the way to 90%
  • Shoot with cable stop or limb stop wall options or use both
  • Further increasing stability and smoothness these new cams use an upgraded axle bearing, that will now utilize 1/4" axles
  • Limbs feature Elite's Vibex Block damper to absorb any residual post shot vibration  
  • Wider limb stance accommodates new cam and is cemented to riser by StabiLock Limb pockets
  • Simplified. Exact. Tuning. or SET Technology micro-adjusts cam attitude at the limb pocket for a shooter friendly tuning process. Paper-tune, walk-back tune, broadhead tune, or bare-shaft tune all without the use of a bow press
  • Linear Tunable Roller allows for vane clearance customization and additional tuning options 


  • Axle to Axle: 31 13/16
  • Brace Height:  6 9/16
  • Let-off: 70-90%
  • Speed: 335 Fps (IBO)
  • Weight: 4.6lbs
  • Draw length 23-30 (1/4” increments)
  • Peak weights 40, 50, 60, 65, & 70 lbs
  • Available in both RH & LH
  • Colors available: Graphite Grey, Ninja Black, Kuiu Verde 2.0, Realtree Edge, & Realtree Escape

            Note: Custom riser colors available are subject to up-charge (Hardwoods Brown, Olive green, Cobalt Blue, Copper Flame, Purple Rain, Sour Apple, Laguna Teal, & Silver Alloy)

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