Elite Rezult 60# SYAT Rh 24 To 31 Inch

Elite Archery

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REZULT is the culmination of years of testing, engineering, pro feedback and more. It features revolutionary micro-adjustable patent-pending technology that allows you to fine tune each limb to vary the load, reducing cam lean and lateral nock travel – without a bow press. Available in 24”- 31” draw lengths in our new adjustable (by 1/4” increments) ASYM Tri-Track Cam system, achieve 70-90% letoff by either cable or limb stops. Infinite adjustability for archers across the spectrum – that’s the REZULT for our consumers, dealers and shooters – that’s true Elite Shootability. Shootability that comes with a hunting counterpart, utilizing the same groundbreaking technology bowhunters are sure to appreciate. Quicker to tune means quicker to the stand with a bow you know is 100 percent dialed in. Say hello to the KURE.

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