2019 Matthews Halon X 50-60# Rh 29.0 Used

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Bought in April 2019 Includes Vaportrail Gen 7 Rest 

The Halon X crossover bow is built to perform in the field or on the range. Measuring 35” axle to axle, the Halon X features a perimeter weighted Mini-Crosscentric Cam system that generates speeds up to 330 fps.


Specs at a glance

  • IBO Speed up to 330fps at 75 per cent let-off
  • Weight ranges 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight.
  • Draw length range 26"-30.5" & Half Sizes 26.5"-30.5"
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 35"
  • Mass weight 4.94lbs
  • Let-Off 75% at 330fps
  • Crosscentric
  • Riser Geogrid, a lighter, more rigid riser
  • Limbs Parallel Quad Limbs
  • Reverse Assist Roller Guard for a silky smooth draw
  • Riser length 26.875"
  • Mathews genuine bowstrings and cables
  • Flat Back Grip for precise and consistent hand placement designed with a level point of contact between the shooter's hand and the bow for increased stability when aiming down range
  • Harmonic Stabilizer Lite reduces vibration nearly 75% and is lighter than the original Harmonic Stabilizer
  • Harmonic Damper
  • String Suppressors deaden vibration, making a much quieter & smoother shot
  • Available in Right Hand 
  • Available in Black



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