Excalibur Quill 16.5 Carbon Arrows w/2 Vanes/Inserts


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SKU: 22QV16-6

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Designed specifically for use with the Excalibur Micro series of crossbows (not included), Quill 16.5" Carbon Crossbow Arrows come ready for high speed travel. Developed in cooperation with top arrow manufacturer Easton®, Quill carbon crossbow arrows feature a reinforced spine for blistering speeds and a flatback insert for more reliable contact with the crossbow string. 16.5" long arrows feature 2" vanes with 3Á offset and provide optimum performance when paired with 150 grain broadheads. Outside diameter: .347". Inside diameter: .3015". Weight: 9.9 grains per inch. +/-.003 straightness. 6 arrows.
Manufacturer model #: 22QV16-6.

  • High performance carbon crossbow arrows from the experts at Excalibur and Easton
  • Reinforced spine for blistering speeds
  • Flatback insert for more reliable contact with the crossbow string
  • 2" vanes with 3Á offset for top accuracy
  • Designed for optimum use with 150 grain broadheads
  • Weight: 9.9 grains per inch
  • +/-.003 straightness
  • 6 arrows

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