Halo XR750 Yards Rangefinder

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  • Helping you get a precise pinpoint on your target, the HALO® 750 Yard Laser Rangefinder features 6x magnification and AI Technology that compensates for slope to target. In addition, the scan mode allows for constant ranging when setting up your shot, while the dusk/dawn display mode offers easy reading in low light. The HALO 750 Yard Laser Rangefinder is water resistant to operate in poor weather conditions.


    • Maximum 750 yard range to reflective target for long-range accuracy when shooting
    • AI Technology compensates for slope to the target for an even more accurate reading
    • Scan mode allows for constant ranging while prepping for shot
    • 6X magnification provides a clear image of your target while ranging
    • Dusk/Dawn display mode for easy reading in low light conditions
    • Precise readings to ± 1 yard
    • Water resistant for use in poor weather conditions
    • Mossy Oak Bottomlands Camo
    • Includes CR2 lithium-ion battery
    • Brand : HALO
    • Style : XR750D31-9

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