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Hamskea Natural Stainless Steel Executive Quick Change Weight Kit

SKU: 400038

Executive  weight kit for Hamskea Quick Change Weight System.

Utilizing LINX-LOCK technology allows archers to adjust weight distribution swiftly and securely, addressing common challenges in existing stabilizer weights. Whether adapting to specific shooting conditions or making rapid adjustments between shots, these weights provide a seamless solution, setting a new standard in stabilization weight technology. 

Package Option: Executive

Finish/Construction: Natural  Stainless Steel


  • Three 2-ounce starter weight
  • Nine 1-ounce in-line weight
  • Three 4-ounce in-line weight
  • One 8-ounce in-line weight
  • Two 1-ounce end cap
  • One 1.1-ounce end cap tool