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SKU: 200500

Convert your Trinity Hunter Pro or Hybrid Hunter Pro Arrow Rest into a target arrow rest!

Offered in three different launcher options

  • Rest Body Target Plug and Hardware
  • 8-32×3/8 Pitch Adjustment Screw
  • Two Launcher Pitch Adjustment Washers
  • Your Choice of Launcher

            Wide G-Flex Launcher

  • Launcher is a durable composite launcher that features patent-pending Gradient Flex Technology

  • This is a flexible launcher that can be used on either our Hybrid Hunter™ or Trinity Hunter™ arrow rests

           Wide Stainless Launcher

  • Launcher is a proven 0.012″ flexible launcher of stainless steel construction that prevents corrosion over time
  • The wide stainless launcher will also come standard with a stainless backer plate

            Contoured Accu-Guide Launcher

  • Launcher is a 0.032″ rigid launcher of stainless steel construction with a concave design
  • This launcher is perfect for beginner target shooters and for use in windy conditions