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Limbsaver Broadband Rings 4 Pack Black

SKU: 4083

Customize the look of your LimbSaver Broadband bowhunting limb dampener with this two-pack of accessory bands, which fit standard-sized Broadband dampeners for both solid and split limb compound bows. LimbSaver's Broadband dampeners provide excellent vibration and noise control that's vital for stealth and accuracy while bowhunting.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, LimbSaver produces highly effective noise- and vibration-dampening products for archery and firearm products, including bow stabilizers, recoil pads, rifle slings, and more. Proudly engineered and hand-made in the USA, LimbSaver products are widely used by outdoor enthusiasts, military, law enforcement, and more.

• 4 broadband rings per pack