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Muzzy Trocar TI 3-Blade Fixed Crossbow Broadheads

SKU: 492


Strong, Stable, and Highly Accurate

Trocar TI Crossbow Broadheads

Since the company’s inception, the aim of Muzzy has always been to deliver bone crushing performance and bullet-like accuracy, and the new Muzzy Trocar TI is no exception. 

Like its heralded predecessor Muzzy Trocar, the improved design of the Trocar TI features offset blade technology to help maximize accuracy and improve broadhead flight. The new adjustable blade technology allows the razor-sharp and ultra-durable .039-inch-thick blades to be adjusted to either right or left offset. This allows bowhunters to optimize arrow flight by matching string twist, fletching helical/offset or several other factors that can negatively impact arrow flight and downrange accuracy. 

The deep penetrating design of the Trocar TI leverages the unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio of titanium in the broadheads extra robust ferrule. A true center blade retention system ensures the blades stay locked in the correct position before being screwed onto the arrow for a precision fit. This three-point contact system enables the blades to be retained completely while maximizing performance in flight and upon impact with flesh, bone, and muscle tissue.  Coupled with the famed Muzzy Trocar tip, this head is designed to please even the most discriminating fixed-blade broadhead enthusiasts.   


  • Trocar® Tip
  • Titanium Ferrule
  • True Center blade retention system
  • Blades can be flipped for right or left helical set ups


  • Number of Blades: Three
  • Cut Diameter: 1-1/4”
  • Blade Thickness: .039”
  • Weight: 100 and 125 grains
  • Quantity: 3-Pack