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Obsession Phoenix Xl 28" 50- 60# Used

SKU: S crane Brokerage

Custom Painted 

Phoenix XL

Designed for competitive archery, the Phoenix XL is a sweet shooter that tears up 3D courses and indoor ranges! An incredibly smooth draw cycle, generous valley, and solid back wall make this a perfect tournament bow. These qualities make the Phoenix XL equally well suited for hunting.

The Phoenix XL is deadly accurate and vibration-free thanks to the two-track KS Cam (U.S. Patent No. 7997259) and Anti-Torque Roller Guard, which aids in the elimination of cam lean. The patent-pending PerFx system enables interchangeable draw length mods in 1/2 inch increments.

All screws and hardware have an anti-rust coating. With a variety of decoration options, we invite you to build a Phoenix XL that competitors won't soon forget.

28 to 31.5 with mods