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October Mountain Phoenix Fletching Jig with Right Helical Clamp

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  • Constructed out of rugged diecast and machined aluminum materials for ultimate durability
  • An oversized base plate with padded rubber feet provides extreme stability
  • Easy view nock receiver keeps arrows secure and easy to mount in the jig
  • Fixed slotted arrow tower keeps arrow secured in the same spot on each fletch
  • Accessory cutouts keep glue and fletchings organized and at arm’s reach
  • Select straight, right helical, or left helical clamp
  • Additional Phoenix Clamps sold separately
  • Fletch 120° (3 fletch), 90° (4 fletch), 75°x105° (4 fletch “X”)
  • Superior micro adjustability ensures an accurate fletch
  • 5° of offset adjustment right or left at 1° increments
  • Lower shaft angle to reduce glue runoff
  • Access shaft from both sides to easily clean glue runoff
  • Compatible with all arrow diameters
  • Rugged construction & machined aluminum materials
  • Laser ticked adjustment lines for consistent fletching in batches
  • Oversized base plate w/ 4 padded rubber feet for stability
  • 4 accessory cutouts for organization