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Omega III Sight, Rangefinder, and HD Video Camera W/ Power Bank

SKU: 35374

The Omega III, just like the other Omega sights, is a sight, rangefinder, and HD video camera all-in-one, but with several new and very cool features!

Please note that the Omega III uses an LCD screen and not an eye piece. If you need to wear glasses for seeing at distance you may find it hard to use, since the Omega does not have an adjustable focus.

•New 5-Dot Independently-adjustable mil dot reticles to any yardage
•Precision Rangefinder (500m) with Integrated True Distance Calculator
•LCD Screen Dimmer (no backlighting)
•Instant Video Recording Playback
•Power Zoom 2X-6X
•HD Video Recording
•New Advanced Mounting System
•Remote Control
•Includes a 12-hr. Rechargeable Power Bank
•32GB microSD Card
•Two 3V batteries included

Weight: 13 oz
Size: 5.5 x 1.75 x 2.75 in