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Scent Thief Field Spray Combo Pack


nock out scent at the receiving end with the Scent Thief® Field Spray Combo Pack. Rather than relying on covering scents or overwhelming the senses, Scent Thief relaxes the olfactory epithelium so animals simply can't smell anything so long as Scent Thief is in the air! Swirling winds are no match for this type of scent control – the wind even plays to your advantage! Natural, organic ingredients are safe for your clothes, skin, and the environment. The combo pack includes a 12-oz. spray bottle and 32-oz. refill bottle.

  • Temporarily blocks animals' ability to smell anything
  • Eliminates wind direction from the equation
  • Natural, organic ingredients
  • Safe for the environment and your skin
  • Includes a spray bottle and refill bottle