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Buy the Combo Pack versus buying each product separately and save $5.95.

Note: The leather yoke on the wrist sling is reversible and can be used by either right or left handed archers, but the leather is finished only on the side that faces out when set-up for a right-handed shooter. If you are left-handed and desire a finished leather look, you should also purchase a Replacement Wrist Sling Leather Yoke with a L/H Finish.

MY SLING-A-LING Bow Sling is the only bow sling you never need to remove from your bow.

It uses neodymium magnets to lock the sling against the quiver side of your riser to enable you to quickly, quietly, and safely shoot with the sling still attached to your bow. The sling comes equipped with an elastic magnetic sleeve that slides up/down the sling to fit all bows. The original bow sling comes with a self-adhesive magnet that can be attached anywhere on the quiver side of your bow's riser or sight bar. We also have several other optional accessory magnets to enable you to customize a complete sling system to meet your needs. (See our Sling Lock and Magnetic Wrist Sling)

One Size Fits All. The bow sling is adjustable, based on which cutouts at the top and bottom of your riser through which you choose to install it, and how many times you wrap it at each end. We have outfitted customers as tall as 6'11 and as young as 4-years of age. Our ingenious button-on fastening system allows you to install or remove the sling in less than one minute and does not require any knots to be tied. 

It is hand-made by US veterans from military-style 550 paracord and comes in 25 stock color options or we will customize one to meet your specifications. 

My Sling-A-Ling attaches without any plastic or metal fasteners, which makes it extremely quiet. It actually function as a harmonic dampening system and helps to reduce bow vibration and noise.

 It is extremely lightweight (less than 3 ounces), compact, and durable. Pound-for-pound, it is the most valuable piece of hunting gear you will ever own.