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Stan Lynx Hinge Back Tension Release Black Large

SKU: 8483

The next development in the STAN lineup of hinges brings the elegantly simple LYNX! A sleek new connection to the shot of a lifetime. The LYNX features a masterfully balanced handle, the all-new clutch system, and the full range of adjustability STAN is known for. The STAN LYNX is a reliable balance of modern STAN engineering and dependability.

The LYNX is an all-included package with everything you will need to customize your hinge to your individual feel. The LYNX follows the comfort, ergonomics, and reliability that you have come to know with a STAN Release.

The STAN LYNX is available in Black and Heavy Metal, Small through X-Large. In the package, you will find short and long thumb extensions, small and large thumb barrels, 3 and 4-finger pieces, an adjustable thumb post mount with an interchangeable handle filler, and 2 interchangeable double-sided moons.