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SKU: 8422
  • Three handle types
  • Open hook design
  • Modular body
  • Two length barrel posts
  • Two barrel sizes
  • The Onnex Resistance is built with new and improved sears resulting in our best resistance yet
  • New searing system allows for improved consistency and reliability aiding you in your perfect shot every time
  • Great way to get you back into a true back tension shot sequence due to it forcing you to pull through your shot
  • Each Onnex handle will allow for the shooter to change between one of the three handle types thumb button, back tension, & resistance seamlessly while maintaining anchor point & peep height
  • Loop retainer allows connection to your bow with the single open hook while keeping your release connected
  • Available in multiple sizes to comfortably fit any archer's hands
  • STAN Trainer Lock feature allows for practice of trigger activation without actually firing