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SKU: CB24002-7899

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The most technologically advanced compact crossbow the world has ever seen, the TX 440 is a new arrival from TenPoint for 2024. Featuring a more stable scope bridge, stiffer riser technology, new arrow rest system, new ACUslide Maxx cocking system, as well as multiple other improvements that makes sure your crossbow hunting experience exceeds your expectations.  


  • Speed: 440 FPS
  • Width Axle-to-Axle: 6.5” cocked, 11.5” un-cocked
  • Length: 28”
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 12”
  • Finish: Vektra Camo


  • NEW ACU-Lock Scope Bridge: 25x stronger than traditional scope rails to provide the ultimate foundation to scope stability and accuracy.
  • NEW Twin-Riser Technology: 41% lighter and 2x stiffer than traditional risers – resulting in reduced riser flex and limb torque for unmatched accuracy.
  • NEW Triggertech Precision Trigger: Using Triggertech’s patented Zero-Creep Technology, this 3 lb trigger features a clean, crisp “break like glass” feel to improve accuracy and precision.
  • NEW Centerpunch HPX Arrow with Snap-In Nock: Alpha-Nock HPX snaps into the Triggertech trigger box and allows you to hear and feel that your arrow is properly locked and loaded.
  • NEW AR-Style Ambidextrous Thumb Safety: Conveniently located safety allows you to keep both hands on the crossbow and eyes locked on your game. 
  • NEW Zero-Trac Barrel and NEW Guide-Lock Arrow Rest System: Rail-less design reduces weight & eliminates arrow friction while Guide-Lock Rest System fully captures the arrow for unprecedented down-range precision.
  • NEW ACUslide Maxx Cocking and De-Cocking System: Stronger, smoother, & easier to operate. Remove your hand at any point & the handle stops in place.

Includes Burris Oracle Scope, ACUslide Maxx cocking system, 3 EVO-X HPX Arrows (445 grains), Quiver