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TRU Ball HBC Flex Used

$219.99 $299.99
SKU: J Lawhead 5 Brokerage

 REO WILDE SIGNATURE HBC FLEX is a brass hinge/back tension release with a new super-tough, black tungsten finish or our QuickSilver finsih. The new Flex finger pieces are specifically designed for the HBC Flex, with their signature taper where the handle gets narrower towards the pinky. These flex finger pieces have a patented 30 degrees of movement at each pivot location. The articulating finger pieces give the release aid the versatility of a three finger finger or four finger model.

This may be the easiest release aid to adjust thanks to T.R.U. Ball's extremely popular Micro-Adjust Speed Dial Sear System. To adjust the release quicker, turn the screw clockwise and to make it slower, turn the screw counterclockwise. An optional fast sear is sold separately. 

The HBC Flex is available in medium or large sizes and comes standard with a small, knurled thumb peg which adjusts to either side of the release to make it perfect for right- or left-hand use! A built-in lanyard comes with each release aid to ensure that you don't lose your release between shots. The HBC Flex is destined to become one of the most important parts of gear in your bow box!