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Victory Carbon Trad Fletched Carbon Arrows 550 6 PK. .006

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Hand-fletched with three 4" shield cut right wing feathers. Color combinations will vary of either green barred or orange barred hen feathers with a gray barred cock feather.

Victory Archery is one of the innovators in micro-diameter carbon arrows. The Carbon Trad line adds Victory's exclusive, ground-breaking ICE™ Nano Ceramic coating. 

Victory Carbon Trad arrows feature a micro-diameter carbon core with an infused natural, woven linen fiber outer layer for the look and feel of natural wood, but with the durability, accuracy, and precision of carbon. 

The ICE™ nano ceramic coating is the slickest arrow coating available for improved penetration and easier target removal.

There is no ICE coating beneath the fletching for the best glue adhesion.

The SHOK® Outsert Technology features a 7075 hard adonized stainless steel outsert with standard 8/32 thread and 5/16" diameter. This adds penetrating power to an arrow that's already at 11 on the deadly scale!

Installed with Bohning A nock (7 gr) and includes stainless steel outserts (80 gr, adds ½" to overall length and feature a built-in reinforcement collar). Straightness: